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With CB Insights, we are finding the right opportunities, and adding relationships in an entirely new, refreshing way. It also allows us to be more thoughtful about approaching companies that are well matched to our capabilities.

Rahul Baig Managing Director, Wells Fargo
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It saves me over $200,000 per year and gives me the peace of mind that I will never miss a thing.

Judit Tejada Strategic Insights Consultant, Moffitt Cancer Center
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There’s so much more than just good research. It’s the only platform with real-time visibility into every emerging tech market, and it’s become my starting point for every project.

Moran Haviv Strategic Innovation, Microsoft
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We use CB Insights in almost every deal somewhere along the way…we’ve rarely gotten on the phone with a company that we haven’t researched on CB Insights.

James Loftus Global Ecosystem Lead, Block
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It helps us compress our time-to-decision when analyzing data and getting an external view on what’s happening in the market so we can quickly take action.

Meraj Mohammad GM/VP, ADP Ventures
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CB Insights enables Sitel Group to uncover new business opportunities that are at least 20x the value of an annual subscription.

Hilary Hahn Vice President, Emerging Brands, Sitel Group
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CB Insights gave us the tools to zero in on the fintech companies that best matched the problems and opportunities identified by our business units.

Vanessa Fernandes Digital Assets CEO, Itaú BBA
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With CB Insights, we’ve taken the guesswork out of innovation, allowing us to take on bold new businesses without having to roll the dice.

Ben Wright Vice President, 3M Ventures
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The CB Insights platform is my team’s go-to source for in-depth data and expert insights on innovation in our space.

Ruth Yomtoubian Head of Global Innovation Center, VSP
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I know that the research is data-driven, conversational, and condensed enough for me to share with my team.

Nicole Harper Director of Corporate Strategy, Jack Henry & Associates
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From tech 极速飞艇官网开奖结果直播 in 3 steps

1. What’s going on in technology?

Get one step ahead of the technology trends, markets, business models and companies that you need to know.

And that’s just step 1. Armed with that knowledge, we help you move from discovery to design.

2. What should I do about it?

168幸运飞艇官方历史开奖记录-168飞艇开奖官网查询结果-2023年新版官网开奖飞艇结果 Knowledge of what’s going on in tech is necessary. But it’s not enough.

What are you going to pursue?

We mine the world’s biggest technology dataset to help you figure out the markets, the technologies and the business models that are worth your time, energy and resources.

That’s step 2 of 3.

3. Who should I partner with? acquire? purchase? invest in?

Finally, you have to decide on who to work with. There are 10s, sometimes 100s, of tech companies in every market. And they all seem great.

We combine proprietary data submitted by companies with our predictive algorithms and analyst research so you can quickly and confidently pick the best companies.

3 steps – it’s that easy. All on a single platform.

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Get ahead of the tech markets changing your business

See where the opportunities are before they happen. Find them in our platform.

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Discover how Wells Fargo finds emerging tech opportunities

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See who’s going to disrupt healthcare with the Digital Health 150.

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See what your competition is planning before it’s too late

Only our data gives you the insights into your competitors’ next move.

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Get a clear picture of private company players with an ESP Matrix report.

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See where the real opportunities are

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Find best tech companies to work with

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Understand what’s happening now with State Of reports.

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See how 3M navigates a complex startup ecosystem

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We make managing startup relationships easy

Every company of interest, all in one place. Keeping track of your funnel has never been easier.

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Decide your next move and sell it to the team.

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Design your strategy with our data.

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168极速飞艇官网开奖查询结果-官方开奖网站-2023年新版飞艇官方现场直播开奖 is the most trusted source for technology market insights.

Funding for fintech startups soared to $131.5 billion last year from $49 billion in 2020, according to CB Insights.

Which Fintech Startups Are Attracting the Most Startup Funding?

The Wall Street Journal

Figures from CB Insights, a market intelligence company, show that almost $7bn was invested in healthcare start-ups by the venture capital arms of Big Tech — Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon — in the year and a half to mid-2021.

Big Tech Jockeys for Position in Scramble for Health Data Primacy

Financial Times

Equity investors for years viewed semiconductor companies as too costly to set up, but in 2020 plowed more than $12 billion into 407 chip-related companies, according to CB Insights.

New Ideas are Flooding into the Semiconductor Industry Even as Chip Shortages Remain

The New York Times

CB Insights, a data provider, estimates that investments in digital-health startups nearly doubled in 2021, to $57bn…

How Healthcare is Turning into a Consumer Product

The Economist

To put it into perspective, per CB Insights 2021 data, venture capital activity around the world was up around 4x since 2016, and 2021 more than doubled 2020’s record-setting result of just under $300 billion in total activity.

Venture Capitalists Fell in Love with Europe Last Year

Tech Crunch

Yet more services are coming online—as of September, CB Insights found that fintech funding had surpassed $94.7 billion—and existing fintechs are broadening their base.

Gen Zers are paying around 4 times what Boomers pay in checking account fees


According to research by CB Insights, 9 out of 10 startups fail due to the lack of need for their product

Blueprint For Creating An Effective Digital Banking Strategy


There are more than 960 unicorns, per CB Insights. The prior figure was just north of 800.

The number of startup “dragons” keeps climbing


CB Insights data shows that in 2021, healthcare funding reached $97.1 billion in the third quarter, representing 22% of the capital raised all year.

The telehealth bubble has burst. Time to figure out what’s next

Fast Company

In the first nine months of 2021, Latino startups from Brazil’s online lender Nubank to Colombian delivery firm Rappi raised $14.8 billion in new money, a jump of 174% since last year, data provided to Reuters by CBInsights showed.

Tech Stampede as Investors Hunt Latin American Unicorns


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