Google Sheets + CB Insights

Your company and industry spreadsheets should always have fresh data.

Bring CB Insights’ technology and private market data—on companies, investors, deals, industries, valuations and more—right into Google Sheets.

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Always have fresh, accurate data

Embed our data into Sheets and set it to refresh based on new data or time intervals. Make decisions and present to stakeholders knowing the data is up to date and right.

Identify new companies

Mix CB Insights company data, company health scores, industry taxonomy and more with your own data to pull relevant companies right into Google Sheets.

Understand and track comps

Compare multiples with our data about markets, competitors, deals, valuations and revenue in your reports.

No more re-typing data

Your team shouldn’t be wasting time retyping data into Google Sheets. No more “fat fingered” data entry. Save time, focus on real analysis and update with instantaneous refresh.

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Learn more about our Google Sheets connector