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Pull CB Insights data directly into internal software systems or commercial apps.

Access CB Insights data on-demand via our API or data feeds and integrate relevant datasets right into your tools. Get private market data on companies, investors, deals, and more. Track companies, trends, and trigger events you care about.

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Get the best data at the right time

Call the exact data you need for any opportunity. Monitor crucial events like funding, new leadership, major customers, or investments and acquisitions. 

Draw on unique CB Insights data including categories assigned by our expert analysts and algorithms to predict future performance.

Solutions tailored to your business

Our team works closely with you to create solutions that drive real outcomes. Enrich your CRM, build more effective models, and design apps that open new revenue streams together with CB insights.

Work smarter, not harder

Feed CB Insights data wherever you need it. Our delivery is flexible and includes both JSON via RESTful API or CSV via SFTP. The data can be ported into any third-party or custom application.

See how CB Insights data works with the tools you use every day

Using the CB Insights API, TRAC identified and evaluated an investment target we previously hadn’t considered and within weeks closed a deal to invest in the company. The programmatic and interactive access to CB Insights data has quickly driven success for our business.

Scott Pyne Co-founder & Head of Product, Third Round Analytics Capital (TRAC)

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