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When you get tired of Googling around to find or learn about technology companies.

Whether it’s finding new tech, ensuring you never miss, or monitoring markets and companies in one place, it’s all made easy with our tech search engine.

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Because it’s just a query away.

Company Profiles cover everything you need to know all in one place to assess a company — from their competitors and partners to latest valuation. And we’ve cited every source so you never have to question your data.

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Get company and market updates sent straight to your inbox.

Create a search of the companies you care about, save it, then get every update sent right to your inbox. Next time the CEO asks “Did you hear…” you’ll know the answer is yes.

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The CB Insights platform is my team’s go-to source for in-depth data and expert insights on innovation in our space.

Ruth Yomtoubian Head of Global Innovation Center, VSP
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Monitor multiple markets and companies all in one place

Home Feeds are your new mission control for tech.

Create personalized news feeds for every market and company you need to monitor. With markets moving this fast, you can’t afford not to.

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How the world’s smartest companies understand tech

Connect with the best companies in tech. In a single click.

Our latest feature lets you go from researching a company to connecting with them directly in just one click.

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