Team Management and Collaboration

Your relationships with technology companies should not be managed in Excel and email.

Collections keeps your team on the same page, your company data fresh and your funnel reporting at your fingertips.

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There’s a better way to manage strategic initiatives

Go from spreadsheets to a real-time view of companies and markets.

Keep your team on the same page – a page that has the most up-to-date picture of the companies and markets you’re monitoring.

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Inform, inspire and influence your team

Your next data-driven presentation is only a few clicks away.

Go from a list of companies to a 50-slide deck with all of their funding data, investor information, and more in 2 clicks. And it’s always updated with our data.

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CB Insights Collections is a powerful collaborative tool that keeps all our conversations about partners, competitors, and new technologies in one place, that can easily be integrated with our internal vendor relationship management solution.

Vanessa Fernandes Digital Assets CEO, Itaú BBA
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Your next shortlist, built by real tech experts

Get an unfair advantage with Expert Collections.

Our experts are building lists of companies to watch in hundreds of markets, from artificial intelligence to space tech. Filter by your requirements, tag by your categories and make your next move faster than ever before.

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How the world’s smartest companies make collaboration effortless

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