Affinity + CB Insights

Stop manually keying data. Append or add CB Insights data right into Affinity.

Get private market data on companies, investors, deals, and more right in Affinity. Track companies, trends, and trigger events you care about.

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Always have fresh, accurate data

When you reach out to a company, you need to know that your intel on their investors, funding and customers is right. Go into every confidence with the confidence that your data is always fresh and accurate.

Discover new companies

Add new company profiles based on triggers like new funding, customer announcements or major hires. 

We pull data to feed into our CRM. CB Insights allows us to be far more efficient, so our 10-person team can perform the work of dozens of people.

Jason Mintz Partner and CTO, MVP Ventures
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No more re-typing data

From company descriptions to the latest data on funding, customers, partners, competitors, and investors, you and your team will never waste time re-entering info into Affinity.

Build a better pipeline

Use location, industry and market potential data to focus your efforts on the companies that meet your criteria.

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