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Meet our tech search engine.

See more real opportunities for your business when you can search through the private market by geography, maturity, competitors and more.

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Understand what’s really happening in tech markets – and what to do about it

Replace your static funding spreadsheets with real-time data and insights.

Get an accurate picture of the market, see the companies our experts are watching and create your shortlist of all winners, all with data that you’ll never have to update.

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Inform, inspire and influence with data.

Build data-driven presentations to make your case, then watch your strategy come to life as your team moves companies through the funnel. See companies you’re tracking make progress in real time. Do it all quickly, easily and beautifully.

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Why the smartest companies love the CB Insights platform

Access to tech markets that no one else has

A Mosaic Score that predicts company success or failure

In-depth data that tells you the real story of a company

The simplest, most efficient way to track your pipeline

Data-driven presentations created in 2 clicks

Before, we had lists of lists of companies and suffered from “list fatigue.” Now with CB Insights, we are finding the right opportunities, zeroing in on emerging tech startups and adding relationships in an entirely new, refreshing way.

Rahul Baig Managing Director, Wells Fargo
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Connect with companies in a single click

Identify the best tech partners and companies to work with, then connect with them directly in a single click. Easy.

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Our data, now wherever you need it to be.

Our API, Data Feeds and Integrations provide direct access to the most complete and accurate tech company, deal and investor data.

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Data > Opinion

From partnerships to clients to the strength of the management team, our company data goes way beyond financials. Your mission-critical decisions deserve it.

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Research you’ll actually read – and use

Know what’s happening now, what’s next and what you need to do about it. No B.S. No jargon.

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