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Whether you’re sourcing deals, analyzing a market landscape or researching valuation comps, we provide you with the data and insights that allow you to move more quickly and confidently.

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How leading VCs source and evaluate deals

Increase your dealflow

Sourcing has never been easier.

Whether you want to identify early stage companies invested in by accelerators & angels or more mature companies ready for their Series B, C rounds, you can do that in seconds.

Get relevant deals pushed to you on our platform or integrate our data into Salesforce or any other platform via our API & datafeeds.

Think about the fundamental value chain of venture capital. Find investments, assess investments, build market leaders… CB Insights is positioned to be a market leader in helping companies find investments.

Pat Grady Partner, Sequoia Capital

Understand the market landscape

Understand what’s happening now and next.

Determine how attractive a market is based on market size estimates, funding tallies, commercial adoption and the quality of investors and companies in that space.

When evaluating a company, quickly see how it fits into its larger market and how it’s positioned vs competitors in terms of its customers, momentum, funding, management team quality.

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Add more value to your portfolio

Get more data on the metrics that matter.

Understand valuation comparables, competitors, potential exit options and markets in a way that not only makes you more confident when competing for a deal but which also allows you to add value to your portfolio companies over time.

With CB Insights, we’ve taken the guesswork out of innovation, allowing us to take on bold new businesses without having to roll the dice.

Ben Wright Vice President, 3M Ventures
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Connect directly with companies

It’s as easy as 2 clicks.

Get access to proprietary data contributed directly from technology companies and then Connect with them with the press of a button.

Finding and directly engaging with companies has never been easier.

How VCs use CB Insights

Successful VCs do 4 things.

  1. They see all relevant deals
  2. They rigorously assess if the deal is worth doing
  3. They stand out and win the deals they deem attractive
  4. They add value and nurture portfolio companies to successful outcomes
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We review twice as many companies with the confidence that we have a full view of the market.

Anne Wellington Former Managing Director, Cedars-Sinai Accelerator
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